I am one part hermit, 2 parts curious, and a sprinkle of extrovert. A late bloomer who excels at reading between the lines. I am on a mission to become a really wise old lady who continues to try new things and explore the world. I love making things with my hands. I studied art and fashion at Syracuse University and work full time as a textile designer for Gap designing prints for the women's ready to wear line and the scarves. I am a nomad at heart and live to travel. I find that I am my best self when I am exploring and that is when the writer in me shines through. In college I changed my major eight times and that seems to have carried over into my adult life. In the little winks of spare time, I have studied everything from bookbinding to 3d animation, shoemaking to viticulture and vinification, Swedish and French (can't speak a lick of either one), travel writing, etching, and intaglio, pinhole photography, Japanese woodcut and glassblowing. The list is endless as is my curiosity. I have a penchant for history and all things small. When I first moved back to Brooklyn from Nashville six years ago, my friend Erin Frankel asked me to illustrate her story Weird!.  I jumped at the chance since illustrating children's books has been a lifelong dream of mine. One book turned into four as I followed Luisa's journey of losing her confidence and getting her voice back. I was working full time day and night and had never illustrated before. I was terrified, but so moved to do it. These past few years have been the most challenging and most rewarding of my life. One day I hope to live a quieter life as an author and illustrator and live on a horse ranch under a big sky...or down a little alleyway in Paris...mmmm, or both.