A Work in Progress

I never had any interest in blogging, but I am often asked how I find the time to create outside of a mega full time job. And I do enjoy sharing my process. So I will use this as just that. A way to share my ups and downs of the creative journey and to share my little anecdotes. I am still a work in progress, always will be. After I finished illustrating the Weird Series, by Free Spirit Publishing, I fell into a downward spiral. After 3 and half years of being locked up in solitary confinement drawing in every spare hour I could find, I was left feeling so empty and full of fear after the pen went down for the last time. But after the book's release in September, I am finding myself breathing a little more. I am starting to feel the urge to create for myself again. I had so much love for that project, still do. It became all consuming and I found that I just didn't know how to live without it. But now I am starting to feel ready for new projects again. I am feeling pulled towards the music realm, not sure in what capacity, but I am allowing my intuition to guide me. One thing I have learned along the way is to find the balance as best I can, easier said than done. And after working on a project that I believed in so deeply, there is no turning back. I know that my path is leading me towards more projects that will use my creativity to light up the hearts of others. Words cannot describe the level of love and joy that I have been receiving from the children who are reading our books. It makes my heart expand ten times over. And that is something i have never experienced before. It is opening me up to giving and receiving love in new ways. 


I am attaching this pinhole photo that I took years ago while I was in an artist residency in Banff in Alberta, Canada. It was a magical place and my creativity exploded from the day I landed. I have this picture by my bed as a reminder of how open I was to something bigger. I jumped when I felt afraid and never looked back.