A Season of Exploration

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeing new landscapes but in having new eyes."   - Marcel Proust


The last few months have been magic. I set aside my nights and weekends to be solely for exploration, sleuthing, and play. I released the "shoulds" and filled my free time with painting classes. I spent Saturdays watercoloring at Brooklyn Art Space and Sundays figurative painting at the Met. I escaped to Portland, ME and explored the cobblestone streets, laughed and ate till I couldn't breathe, and made some wonderful discoveries at the Maine Historical Society. What a thrill it was to sift through old photos and read old articles from art openings of the 1860's. Postcards and beautifully hand written letters have rekindled my love of old fashioned correspondence. I have been making weekly trips to the New York Public Library to read in the rare book room. What a treasure that space is! They have a wonderful show on now called, Why Children's Books Matter. I feel so expanded and ready to breathe some life into my next creative endeavor. This just might be my new way of living...less pressure, more pleasure.