Winter Rush

I usually spend a lot of time on the first of January making lists of what I want in the year ahead. This year was different. I shifted from thinking to doing. Since winter is a time of reflection, I did ask myself one little question.

What in me is frozen? 

Answer: my creativity. 

I started loosening up in November, but it was time to kick it up a notch. So I sat my bum at the drawing table. My tools are now out at all times so that I am always ready. I decided to stay in on New Year's Eve to draw and set my intention in motion. And let me tell ya, it felt so good to wake up with a drawing instead of a hangover!

In December I started writing down my dreams every morning in a beautiful red book, Carl Jung style. I have noticed that this ritual is helping me to remember my dreams (and nightmares) more clearly. The polar bear drawing is based on one of those dreams.

I have also been having fun drawing from old photos of my ancestors. We have a slew of wacky self portraits of Uncle Stephan. He was in the States from Germany for only three years in the mid 30's to make money to send back to his family. I am not sure that he actually worked, but he did have a good time taking photos. Yesterday I drew my great grandmother Eva who passed away when I was two months old. It has been so fun bringing them back to life. I plan on doing many more.

It feels so good to begin the year with a bang!