A Door Opens

One of my best friends in the world is Beth Williamson-Ruse. Our twenty four year journey together has taken us down very different paths, but our connection has been unwavering. As we have grown and leaned on each other through good times and bad, our minds and healing rituals have blended beautifully. We always feel better when we put down the phone. With Beth being a teacher and mind-body practitioner and me being a creative spirit and designer, our talks are always woven with wellness and encouragement to keep challenging ourselves. For years we have dreamt of working together and now that dream is coming to fruition. The lovely yoga retreat leader, Liza Keogh, has graciously invited us to design a workshop during her retreat in the Berkshires February 21-23. The theme of the retreat is Every Body Has a Story. Our workshop will sink the group into that theme a little deeper through mind-body and creativity connection. Liza will lead us through three glorious days of yoga, journaling, and meditation...my heart expands just thinking about it.

Don't be fooled, I am terrified. But isn't life about vulnerability and letting go?

You can read about the retreat here: http://www.lizakeogh.com/blog/

And you can visit Beth here: http://bethwilliamsonruse.com/ 


"For me it seems that by advancing into unknown territories, I enter into my life."  -Isabelle Eberhardt